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Sunday 28 August 2011


What do you do when you’re all alone
It seems as though no one cares
The pain and the fear are deep inside
Anxious to be made aware

The body is crying out for help
Wanting to be let free
Free from this trap that has
                                                            Such a hold, free to let me be me

The trap is a cage
with me locked inside
Trembling and sad
Trying to hide
To hide from society
To hide from the lies
The lies of the voices
That come from inside
I want to be free
To get out to live
But what does that mean?
I have not yet lived.
Steff 2002
The beginning of the year things changed for me. I can’t describe what it was, or why it was, but I was different and didn’t really want to be with people. I became extremely addicted to swimming in a desperate effort to lose weight again. It was too hot to walk most days, so a quick swim in the pool was actually refreshing. I started once again to distance myself from friends, stop talking about meaningless things, and even made up excuses for not going out. The more I did this, the harder it was to start going out again. If I had my choice, and didn’t need the money I would also have chosen to stay home from work.
I was becoming more and more obsessed with eating disorders and having the internet opened up a whole new world for me. I found some great chat sites, where I’d be talking with people who also had eating disorders. The more I did this the more doors it opened up for me about what is “normal” (as far as an eating disorder can go), what other people feel, why it happens to some. a lot of the girls I talked to were in recovery and come into the chat rooms to chat about their experiences. I formed some good connections with a few people, who I still chat to regularly 6 months down the track.

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