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Wednesday 3 August 2011

weird relationship

Before going to Tamworth I met this guy named Glen. We had actually met before through my friend Donna from church, but never really talked. We got talking on the train one day and I thought it’d be great to get to know him. The day after this he actually rang me up and ended up coming to the house while I babysat Charles and Lana’s children. We stayed up til all hours of the night talking about everything, then eventually falling asleep. I left for home the next day, and Glen saw me off at the train station. Surprisingly I quite missed him while I was home and I was so flattered when he rang me often.
Mim and James came back down to Lawson with me and stayed the weekend. The first night there I went back to Glen’s for a short while, and this is when I found out about his pot smoking. He offered some to me but there was no way I was even going to attempt it. Later on we walked back to Charles and Lana’s and then I told Mim about his drug use. She asked if I used any and I told her no, because I didn’t. It didn’t help that night that I became quite sick with the vomiting bug. Mim had it in the back of her mind that I had tried the drugs and that’s what made me sick. It saddened me that she’d assume that, and the main reason she believed me that I didn’t was because she got sick the next day.
GLEN and my relationship only lasted for such a short time. He was different to most normal people and I think I just sought affection from him and the fact that someone was actually interested in me. He had deep problems, which there was no way possible I could understand. He sometimes came along to church but would always question to the point of insanity whatever was being said. The more I got to know him the more superior I felt to him and realised it wasn’t the kind of relationship I needed. One day he made me read a chapter of a book he was reading about demon possession and he swore he was possessed. It was then that I decided being a new Christian myself that these were issues I shouldn’t have to get tangled into. The fact that he was serious too did scare me to a point. Glen challenged me on my lifestyle sometimes too which I found odd. Mim and James had actually nick named him “yowie man” because of the way he looked and the way he was. He couldn’t understand why I would have the desire to shower everyday, or even why I wear deodorant. He once asked if I would be willing to not shower, wash my hair, shave or wear deodorant, and just see how natural I would feel. The idea absolutely repulsed me and there was no way I would comply to his request. We didn’t end up staying together for any more than probably 2 months. It was an interesting time but not one that I would have wished to continue. I can’t even say he was a good kisser actually, so I didn’t miss much after we ended it.

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